Student Pre-Health Mentorship 

Vida Mobile Clinic believes in the importance of mentoring future generations. Because of this, Vida has developed a mentorship program geared toward the mentoring of individuals interested in the field of healthcare. Through this program, pre-medicine students enrolled in a college institution may apply to shadow a health care provider in the clinical setting. This program helps the individual grasp a better understanding of the healthcare profession. This opportunity is open to all college students and encourages 1st generation college graduates to pursue a professional degree in medicine. This program is focused on helping those who lack mentorship and would like the opportunity to receive feedback and guidance on the health professions application.

Vida is very excited and proud of helping future clinicians obtain their goal and we ask that you pay it forward to future generations when you become a healthcare provider. Please email a summary of why you are interested in this program and send a CV to [email protected]

Vida believes in mentoring future health professionals. 

Community Involvement 

Vida Mobile Clinic believes that health care is about the whole individual. Because of this, Vida has committed itself to help local homeless individuals and community shelters. Vida periodically participates in clothing and hygiene drives. If you would like more information, please email us.